Friday, November 4, 2016

Save Little Oz Park - Sign the Petition!

Save Little Oz Park

The Metro Vancouver Parks has proposed a plan for a new service yard for Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  Currently, the Little Australia Park is one of the three sites being considered for this new service yard.  

The proposed service yard will be about one acre in size (4000m2), and will be used for many purposes, including the storage of materials such as paint, gravel, trail materials, garbage, firefighting chemicals and fuel for equipment.  

While a new service yard for Pacific Spirit Regional Park is important to service and maintain the park, the residences living in the area and the UEL Community Advisory Council (CAC) are concerned about the social, health, environmental and economic impact the yard will have for the residents and the community.
  •  Loss of beneficial park space
  • Impact on Spanish Bank Creek habitat
  • Increase noise to residents
  • Impact on bicyclists

Take Action! - How to Save Little Australia Park

1.) Sign the petition! (One minute)

Our goal is to have 200 people e-mail the Metro Vancouver Parks Board by signing the petition here to oppose the choice of Little Australia Park as a candidate for the service yard.  

2.) Spread the word

Please ask 5 of your friends and family members to do the same!

3.) Write to the Metro Vancouver Parks Board

Please click here for the contact information and a sample e-mail template you can copy and paste to email Metro Vancouver Parks Board.

4.) Attend Information Session

A Save Little Australia Park public information session will be held on Monday, November 28 at 7:00pm at the UEL Community Space - Suite #300 - 5755 Dalhousie Road, Vancouver (map here).
The space is located above the Starbucks in the University Village at University Blvd and Allison Rd.  Underground Parking is available from Allison Rd.